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Scan2Net Firmware Release Notes

6.50 Released on 23 June 2016

All scanners: Support for generic external touchscreens

CCD Scanner: With the integration of the new S2N H4 CCD camera in the device groups WideTEK, BE4-XX-V2 and BE4-XX-V3 the scanning speed has also increased considerably.

  • ScanWizard: Enhanced Background OCR
  • ScanWizard: Automatic viewer update when using external scan applications
  • ScanWizard: "Set default" Button in parameter panels
  • ScanWizard: Poweruser: Extended GUI configuration
  • ScanWizard: Zoom: Window size can be changed

  • Billing: Support of new billing solution "IA Mifare 2"
  • Billing: Internal billing: Different charges for color / A4 / A3 output implemented

  • PrintWizard: PrintWizard PageWide and PrintWizard Designjet options merged into one single option
  • PrintWizard: "Scale to roll width" implemented

  • Support for JAVA Apps removed

Please note: JAVA based touchscreen applications, like Scan2Net Easy and Expert, are no longer supported in the Scan2Net firmware version 6.50 and higher. If you would like to continue using an existing JAVA based application, please do not update to Scan2Net version 6.50.

6.10 Released on 26 February 2014

  • ScanWizard: Complete redesign of the internal Scan2Net web application
  • ScanWizard: Easy and intuitive setup and operation
  • ScanWizard: All scanning parameters at a glance
  • ScanWizard: Job mode now also available for scanner operation through any web browser

  • EasyScan App: New design of buttons

  • Bookeye 4: Administration of multiple users
  • Bookeye 4: Password protection for user profiles
  • Bookeye 4: User defined templates for printing, network, ftp, email and web output
  • Bookeye 4: Enhanced finger and book fan removal
  • Bookeye 4: Enhanced billing system for support of various card readers

  • 64bit base system
  • 30% faster operation
  • Support of up to 8 GB internal RAM
  • Enhanced image file size of up to 12 GB
  • Cache management: Cache scan jobs on RAM disk or on hard disk
  • Cache management: Select from 12 methods of secure file erasing
  • Enhanced speed of adaptive stitching
  • Unlimited image size for adaptive stitching
  • Improved support of NTFS formatted USB devices
  • Enhanced default ICC profiles
  • Selectable color space

Device types that benefit from version 6 and its new ScanWizard (only with 64 bit base system, hdd ver. 6.3XSCISI2.5)
  • Bookeye 4 all models
  • WideTEK 25-600
  • WideTEK 36C-300
  • WideTEK 48C-300